As soon as a business moves across international borders, localisation of their product or service is key. Our localisation services ensure that your communications reflect key brand principles and cultural differences while preventing anything from being lost in translation.


Large brands operating across several different markets often need to develop different editions of their products or services to appeal to local demand:

  • Market research projects require translation localisation to decide if there is a local demand for the product or service.
  • Marketing collateral needs to be tailored to target key local consumers, using effective language while staying true to brand principles.
  • On-going advertising and marketing needs to be communicated in keeping with the brand strategy.

This also applies to smaller companies who would like to test their products in localised markets prior to launch, in order to reduce risk.


Translation localisation ensures that marketing collateral, PR activity or market research information designed for one country is suitable in another.

For example, if you have advertising copy in Castilian Spanish, but want to transfer this for use in Mexico or Venezuela, some key changes will need to be made:

  • Differences in Spanish dialects need to be identified to ensure that your translation makes sense to the new readership.
  • Use of colloquialisms will need to be adjusted so that they do not confuse the target audience.
  • Local customs and norms relating to your product or service will need to be identified in order to make meaningful associations or inferences.
  • Culturally sensitive issues need to be taken into account, with language adapted to avoid offense being taken or damage to your brand image.

Likewise, a market research questionnaire in standard German, or Hochdeutsch, may need to be adapted to make it suitable for an Austrian audience, with questions phrased appropriately in order to reflect the original research aims.

Our expert linguists are on-hand to make sure your copy or documentation can be used effectively in any given target market.  Localisation services ensure that your translations are appropriate, accurate and value-adding, allowing you to develop market share.


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